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Blackbird Gold Ball

What is the story behind Blackbird Golf?

In late 2017, a couple of Aussie blokes (Shaun & Sam) were out enjoying a casual afternoon on the course and while savouring a drink at the 19th, discussion centred on how the leading golf ball brands were gouging customers for the price being charged for their products. 

Was it really costing these companies $20/$25/$30 a box more to produce one brand of ball compared to one of their other brands..... Our opinion was "No Chance!"

Surely there was a better option for golfers to choose.... and if there wasn't, we should provide it.

After conducting some extensive research, it became apparent there was an opportunity for a new player to offer a range of golf balls that performed as good, if not better than the current leading brands - but sold at a fair price! 

12 months later and here we are offering two brands of balls (MACH 1 & DRONE X) designed to a quality and performance on par with any leading ball in the marketplace. 

Where does the Blackbird name come from?

The word originates from the Lockheed Blackbird SR-71 jet plane, currently the holder of the flight airspeed record of 3,529km/h set back in 1976 - which is approximately Mach 3.3 speed. 

Compare this to the cruising speed of a commercial passenger plane of 878 - 946km/h (approx. 4 times slower) and you get a sense of the extra speed it reached. 

Remarkably an unofficial speed of Mach 3.5 was achieved ten years later over Libyan air space evading an in-flight surface to air missile.

The Blackbird is also a name of a small species of bird commonly found in Europe, Asia and North America. However as you can tell by our logo, we prefer the jet plane version of the word.

Your balls perform as good if not better than leading brands, but the price is way cheaper - How?

Player sponsorship costs some companies millions upon millions upon millions of dollars annually to have their brand promoted by a handful of players on the main Tours. 

Q. How do such companies get that money back? 

A. By selling their products to the consumer at highly inflated prices.

Obviously Blackbird Golf do not have any such extravagant endorsements, we instead seek to align our brand on a grass roots level, teaming up with Golf Clubs through competition sponsorship, Club pennant or their junior development programme.  

MACH 1 or the DRONE X - What is the best ball for me?

If you're a low handicapper (12 and under Club golfer) the MACH 1 is designed as a Tour quality ball in regards to control, length and spin. Ideal for a golfer with a swing speed that exceeds 150km/h. 

The DRONE X however is best suited for golfers who have a swing speed less than 150km/h (approximately 18 handicap and up) as the ball design ensures length is maximised while maintaining softness around the greens.

For those golfers in the 12 - 18 handicap range, either ball suits depending on your swing speed.

What is the expected delivery time of my order?

We ship each business day to all major Australian cities. Normal turn around time is 2-3 days. A little longer may be expected for rural delivery locations. 

If for some reason the performance of the ball does not meet your expectations, simply send any unused product back for a full refund of that unused product. 

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