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Shaun from Blackbird Golf

"We understand our small business venture is a David vs Goliath battle. However our edge over the leading golf ball brands is our ability to disrupt the norm these companies currently enjoy. You the customer will be the judge as to whether our presence is welcomed or not".

Sam from Blackbird Golf

"If you build it, he will come..... That is exactly what we have tried to do! Produce two great performing golf balls at a highly competitive price".

Mark from Mentone

I used the Mach 1, distance seemed to be the same, didn’t feel it went any longer or shorter then my normal ball. Driver and irons also felt the same. Being way cheaper than the ProV - I'm converted. 

Johnny from Ivanhoe

Love the design on the ball - clean and crisp. I use the logo of the plane as my guide line for putting, gives me a nice chunky focal point. 

Peter from Cottesloe

I've been a Titleist user for a while but after trying a free Mach1 it felt virtually identical. Hit a chip that spun and released as I expected, full wedges stopped and spun. Other than the logo, would have presumed I was playing a ball from a $75 Titleist box.